ARE (Art, Resilience, Economy) is a transdisciplinary international group of artists, writers and researchers. We investigate notions of collective agency from our various locations across Europe and Israel. Created in 2018, we currently have 7 active members, meeting once a month, online, to share our artistic practices and disseminate research.

We are like the Octopus or ‘palpar’, its tentacles feeling the way, a body adapting to the environment, slipping through cracks, moving between obstacles. An adaptable form with the ability to correspond to its environment, moving across boundaries to explore new territories.  A mollusc, which in Catalan, Spanish, French and English slips through different sounds, from pop, poulpe to octopus, as a reflection of artistic processes.

Current members are:

Dr Belen Cerezo
Dr Edith Doove
Ada Hao
Dr Jo Milne
Stephanie Moran
Michael Ratbone
Dr Anna Walker
May Zarhy