FB to WP, Zoom in between.

Introductions – as they appeared on FB

Jo Milne:

Hi, I’m more than a little late in commenting on my interests. I am an artist, lecture at an Art and Design School affiliated to the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona and at times supplement my income like Edith with translations.

My work explores the visualisation of the invisible, looking at the methods and methodologies artists and scientists have developed to make the invisible visible. The work ranges from painting, drawing and sculpture to analogue photography techniques and printmaking. I am particularly interested in exploring how these methods can be used to respond to ideas considered within the field of theoretical physics in particularly string theory and quantum loop gravity. 

I am really excited by the possibility of this research group as although I have worked for many years as an artist and teaching art, I find the writing of research articles and project proposals and look forward to the discussions we might have in the hope of surmounting this stumbling block.


studio sketches https://jomilnestudio.wordpress.com/

Edith Doove: Hi all, I think this is a really great initiative, especially as it makes the link between art and research. I am not an artist, although I enjoy drawing, but have worked as a curator for more than 30 years, mostly free-lance. Although this is a glamorous position for some I have always felt it is not that much different from the position most artists find themselves in, looking for funding to realise projects and making a living. Being a researcher is similar as you will know. My ‘solution’ is to make a living, or try to, by working as a translator, which occupation I feel also ties in with my activities as a researcher, writer and curator. See www.bureaudoove.com for more info. I look forward getting to know you all.

Anna Walker: So, briefly – through my work, I explore trauma, memory, identity and culture. www.anna-walker-research.com I am interested in A.R.E. as a resource, a dialogue/discussion, a safe online community to share ideas, research, work, and opportunities.

Currently I am looking at intergenerational trauma, migration and immigration for new practice based research.

Hannah Drayson: would also like to be part of the group but doesn’t do FB. Hopefully, she will make it to our first online meeting.https://cargocollective.com/hannahdraysonhttp://www.trans-techresearch.net/…/cont…/dr-hannah-drayson/

Belen Cerezo: I work with photography and moving-image, I explore their functioning and I’m interested in performance, immersion and embodiment. My last project was an immersive moving-image installation. I’d love to be able to able of continue with this line of enquiry!! https://belencerezo.com

I am based in Nottingham, and I am an associate lecturer in Photography at Nottingham Trent University. This is how I earn a living, but this is a precarious role. Also I have experienced it is really difficult to combine the teaching with developing my practice in a healthy and sustainable way.

At the moment I am reading “staying with the trouble” by Donna Haraway. Feminist and ecologist thinking are very touching and helpful for me at the moment.

On a more personal note, I enjoy food 😃 and sharing dinners with friends. And I am Spanish.


Stephanie Moran: I work performatively and often collaboratively. I’m currently looking at interspecies cognition and posthuman kinship structures through experimental digital narrative.

I’m just about to start a practice based PhD at Plymouth, with Transtechnology Research. My project is to produce an eco sci-fi expanded digital ‘novel’, experimenting with AR and VR as well as hypertext and social media platforms. I have just started working with socially engaged tech startup Etic Lab, who are helping me to produce an interspecies Twitter bot, based on my Twitter avatar @alien_ontology. The bot is nearly ready to go live!

Michael Ratbone:  I’m not an artist proper – but i have some projects i’d like to develop – they kind of merge together and hopefully will become increasingly collaborative … and when i say develop – well, you’ll see ….

the first is a series of child oriented booklets – i have completed the first one though it has yet to go to print – you can view it here:                                                        https://indd.adobe.com/view/c193e216-b0df-4625-b494-c4bf18de6990     

the second is a series of ‘pressed flower prayers’ – gift sized meditations that stand alone or as part of a series – you can view them here: https://blindwithoutyou.com

later this month i will be setting up a market stall showing and selling both flowers and stories to all comers – i like to think the stall will be a kind of art work in itself, so folks can come and interract, maybe buy into the work in some way, financially, creatively, socially, energetically … and so the work evolves as the individual parts move around and find new homes, gardens, temples – meeting places – i think that’s it – places to meet – in all kinds of ways … having recently switched careers from music teacher to … i don’t know … hopefully i’ll meet myself along the way – i’m for sure looking forward to that!

looking forward to meeting you all tomorrow too


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