Renee Carmichael, presentation

Renee Carmichael is a researcher, writer, and artist. She is a doctoral candidate in Comparative Art Theory at the Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero in Argentina. Her thesis research focuses on the aesthetics of contemporary dance and code (algorithm), exploring a relationship between the formal and the feeling. She has a master’s degree in Interactive Media: Critical Theory and Practice from Goldsmiths College in London, has previously worked as a researcher in the Hybrid Publishing Lab at Leuphana University in Germany and is founder of the experimental publishing project Flee Immediately!. Her research, writing and artworks often bring together … Continue reading Renee Carmichael, presentation

Elisa Arteta

Elisa Arteta is a dancer, choreographer and one of the co-directors of the Huarte Contemporary Art Centre. She presented her research on July 7th and the work she does at Huarte Contemporary Art. Elisa studies the body inside and out: proprioception, the relationship between the mind and the body, how political ideologies run through our bodies and how we can resist the normative through movement.  Her work has been on show in venues such as the Study Centre of the Reina Sofía Museum, the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao and the Akademie Der Künste in Berlin. She has been granted various … Continue reading Elisa Arteta

Susanna Howard

Susanna Hood, dance artist, musician and educator presented her work on Zoom to ARE. Based in Montreal since 2010, Susanna Hood is a compelling performer in dance and music. She was the artistic director of interdisciplinary performance company hum dansoundart from 2000-2013. She began her career as a member of the Toronto Dance Theatre 1991-1995. Independently, she has performed the works of various Canadian choreographers, composers, and filmmakers (including Tedd Robinson, John Oswald, Nilan Perera, and Phillip Barker) and has performed widely as an improviser both in dance and music. For over a decade, she has been synthesizing voice … Continue reading Susanna Howard

Fin Walker

ARE presentation 5th May on Zoom. Fin Walker investigates ‘human behavior’ and how one’s past experiences impact the present. Her aim is to communicate to an audience the visceral, sensual resonance of what it means to be an emotional being, by creating work with the moving expressive body of the performer.  To support her creative work and deepen an understanding of the impact of behavior patterns and belief systems on the moving and dancing body, she trained as an Energy healer, and a body psychotherapy and has practiced and continued to develop somatic techniques. Her Energy Healing work and physical practice … Continue reading Fin Walker

Zoom Presentation by Performer, Talia de-Vries

‘To look at a photograph beyond a certain period of time is to become frustrated: the image which on first looking gave pleasure by degrees becomes veil behind which we now desire to see.’ Victor Burgin, “Photography, Phantasy, Function”, Screen, XXI/1 (Spring 1980), pp. 43-80   For more information: Continue reading Zoom Presentation by Performer, Talia de-Vries

Artist AnneMarie Maes

AnneMarie Maes is an artist who has been studying the close interactions and co-evolutions within urban ecosystems. Her research practice combines art and science, with a keen interest in DIY technologies and biotechnology. She works with a range of biological, digital and traditional media, including live organisms. Her artistic research is materialised in techno-organic objects that are inspired by factual/fictional stories; in artefacts that are a combination of digital fabrication and craftsmanship; in installations that reflect both the problem and the (possible) solution, in multispecies collaborations, in polymorphic forms and models created by eco-data. On the rooftop of her studio … Continue reading Artist AnneMarie Maes

The Listening Wall: Iris Garrelfs

  Iris Garrelfs| Goldsmiths, University of London Outline: The Listening Wall is a wall of curated scores for listening and sound-related instruction scores. Within the exhibition space, these scores are also available as print-outs for audiences to take and experience at a time of their choosing. Some scores focus our attention on the experience of listening and the quality of the sound itself; others aim to instigate relationships with very specific aspects of the audible environment. Others prioritize our imagination or instill mischievous behavior, reminding us that listening does not merely relate, but can also be “… disruptive … Continue reading The Listening Wall: Iris Garrelfs

3: New Research/ In betweenness / The Gentle Breath.

Anna Walker Currently, I am researching the breath. It wasn’t intentional, not really! I didn’t get the funding I needed, so, in an effort to keep things simple, I took everything back to the basics. ’Breath Wind into Me, Chapter 1′ (Walker, 2019), is an exploration of Luce Irigaray’s and Leonard Skof’s notion that we are living in the ‘Age of Breath’ (Ch:14, 2013). Beginning with Merleau Ponty’s concept of an ‘immense exterior lung’ (1992: 167), my intention is to find an alternative approach to rethink the past and confront uncomfortable truths using mixed-media to expand on Laura Mark’s use … Continue reading 3: New Research/ In betweenness / The Gentle Breath.

2: Hauntology/ The Haunted Breath

Anna Walker In Spectres of Marx, Derrida considers the conflict between presence and absence, inside and outside. He argues that the true logic of uncanniness is a phantom-logic, a necessity of learning to live with ghosts, phantoms, and spirits, because ‘there is no Dasein without the uncanniness, without the strange familiarity [Unheimlichkeit] of some specter’ (1994: 125). It is a state of being that is to be always and everywhere haunted by ghosts, phantoms or spirits: the “visibility of the invisible” (125). Spectral logic is the presence related to the otherness of the self or the self that is found … Continue reading 2: Hauntology/ The Haunted Breath

1: Falling / September 11th

Anna Walker I thought I’d make a couple of entries in preparation for presenting to you all next week. Today is September 11 and no matter how much healing and work I do to lay the ghosts to rest, this day continues to bring outpourings of grief. (Indeed, it is a probably a good thing I am not presenting today). When I started PhD research, my intention was to look at trauma in someone else’s body, not mine. But early on in the research, it became apparent that I couldn’t avoid my body, my memories, my relationship to the past. … Continue reading 1: Falling / September 11th